Original Escape Room Activities


An easier way to run a simulation….

You never know what a student will do in a simulation
ESCAPE ROOMS challenge and entertain the students without the fear of the unknown for the instructor supervising them.
ESCAPE ROOMS practically run themselves...
but they can take hours and hours to create.

We have a variety of escape rooms that are complete with clues, signs, riddles, puzzles, etc. They are ready for easy set-up and...

each one of our escape room scenarios is unique.

No two escape rooms are set up the same way.

The puzzles, clues, solutions are unique to the scenario. This ensures that, if you use multiple escape rooms on one class, they won't be able to simply "walk through" the clues to escape. They will be required to solve the puzzles and clues that are customized to the particular scenario, disease process, situation, etc.

Fun, interactive activities to get students our of their seats and honing critical thinking skills, as well as, communication and team-building skills. 

Check back often - new escape rooms are being added!