BanderSimz™ Digital Nursing Simulation Games

hoonii's exclusive BanderSimz™ Digital Nursing Simulation Games are completely customizable. If you can use PowerPoint you can create your own BanderSimz™ games.

These are not your typical "click from one slide to the next" PowerPoint presentations - THEY PLAY LIKE A VIDEO GAME!

  • Multiple endings - so students determine patient outcomes based on the critical decisions they make.
  • Earn money by selling your original BanderSimz™ games on the hoonii marketplace.
  • Our templates make it simple for you to build your own games.
  • No subscriptions to buy.
  • COMING SOON! BanderSimz™ Accessory Packs make adding characters, animations, sounds, and more as simple as "COPY & PASTE"!
  • Assign the game and then have the students write a care plan from it!

  • You can even assign students a brief scenario or disease process and have them create their own games!