Our Vision and Our Mission

Every good nurse begins with a good teacher.

Those committed to nursing education know that one of the best ways to produce high quality, prepared nurses is to create a positive LEARNING environment. Hoonii.com is committed to providing a positive TEACHING environment for nursing instructors and nurse educators: a place for these teachers to get recognition and payment for their hard work, creativity, and many unreimbursed hours - a small pay-back so that they can continue to produce the safe, competent nurses that are so desperately needed.
Our vision began as a prayer from a nursing instructor who was going through a personal trial, in addition to being in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. The prayer was for a "hobby" that would help future nurses learn the vast amount of material required of them no matter where the students were AND to help the instructor to focus her attention away from her situation and toward something that would help others.
Hoonii.com was inspired by the idea that there is a lot of talent in the nursing educational community to help with that vision and, so, was created to tap into the ingenuity and creativity of nursing educational leaders as a way to work together to become part of the solution to a quickly growing nursing shortage. We don't charge annual fees or subscriptions for virtual clinical simulation experiences: we, instead, strive to deliver a venue for nursing teachers to explore their individuality so that they will be motivated to create even more original teaching tools that will help to produce excellent nurses - all while getting a little payment for those innovations.
As the need for nurses continues to grow so does the need for people to teach and train them. 

Experts know that simulation can no longer be thought of as a “plug-in” to the curriculum.

It is, instead, a safe place for students to develop critical judgement skills in an educational world that is uncovering more and more challenges in obtaining in-person clinical experiences. Guiding nursing education into the online learning environment is an absolute necessity in today's academic climate - an endeavor that is at the heart of hoonii.com.....

with the help and passion of nursing instructors.

Hoonii.com and nursing education are dedicated to "helping those who will help".