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TEMPLATE NOW AVAILABLE! - BanderSimz™ Digital Clinical ESCAPE ROOM Simulation Game - TEMPLATE

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Now you can create your own BanderSimz™ Digital Clinical Simulation Games.

These games are PowerPoint-based but...


Create your own BanderSimz™ games and assign them to students for clinical hours, assignments, post-conference and more.

Then upload them to your so that other instructors can easily provide hours of valuable simulation for their nursing students while you earn money for your original game.

You game can be as simple as identifying the "Rights of Medication Administration" or as complex as caring for a patient for an entire shift on a med-surg floor. It's up to you!

The slides are full of tools, tips, and easy 'copy/paste' actions, animations, buttons, that can be easily customized to your unique game.

The template contains many slides that were featured in the BanderSimz™ Assess/Med Pass game that contained complicated animations. All you do is copy and paste many of these slides. There are also tips, step-by-step instructions, and guidelines for making your own game.

INCLUDES ALL THE SLIDES NECESSARY TO ADD ASSESSING VITAL SIGNS TO YOUR GAME - just copy the slides and paste into your game! - (featured in BanderSimz™Assess/Med Pass game)

Also contains these "COPY & PASTE" slides:

  • Title slides (to brand your game as an original BanderSImz™ Sim Game)
  • 'Game Over' slide - with FUN vintage video game sounds
  • Credits slide - that roll like a movie - just add your name
  • Achievements slide and more

[Click here for BanderSimz™ Assess/Med Pass Game]

Make your case studies come to life by turning them into a fun, interactive 

BanderSimz™ Digital Clinical Simulation Game.


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